Franklin Stone – The Rock & Stone Experts in Tennessee

In July 2011, Franklin Stone, a rock, stone, gravel, and veneer supplier, brought the largest and most unique selection of colors and styles of stone in Middle Tennessee, to Franklin. Formally known as McKinney Mining and based out of Clarksville, this company, owned by Chad McKinney, gained a new co-owner, the CEO of local company, OI Inc, John Harvey. This new venture is already proving successful to its owners and beneficial to the community as a whole. McKinney Mining was founded back in the 1920s by Chad McKinney’s great grandparents, and has continued in the family to four generations. The mining began in Spruce Pine, North Carolina where the family worked in feldspar, quartz, and mica. However, this original mine was shut down in the 1960s when the area was determined to be a historical site. While the original site was turned into hiking trails, the McKinneys soon found new quarries to mine.